About InTents Healing its Mission and about Bec Condon



Bec is the founder and director of InTents Healing and can be best described as a spiritual ecologist, hippy cowgirl, loving mumma and all round nature goddess. Her passion for the environment is obvious in every way…from her day job as an enviro officer, to her heart led business here at InTents Healing, everything Bec does is for Mother Earth.
Bec completed a Bachelor of Science in the fields of Zoology and Ecology and studies Buddhism at the Chung Tian temple. By blending these two together, Bec has formed a unique blend of spirituality and science. Bec’s indigenous heritage has bonded Bec to this land and when you walk with her on country you will see for yourself her love for the bush, and the passion she shares with you about it.

Bec Condon founder and director of InTents Healing, spiritual ecologist, environment officer

To connect with nature is to connect with yourself ."

Bec Condon - InTents Healing Mission Australia


InTents Healing was born with a purpose to get people into nature, to connect with themselves and each other outside of the walls of the urban jungle. With a range of activities including camping retreats and school holiday camps where everything is set up for you, and mindful bushwalking to unwind you from the stresses of daily life, everything is designed to help you be present, relax and breathe. Take some meaningful time out of your busy life to slow down and enjoy nature, you deserve it.